• DI202_USM (2020)
    Nanostructured anode with high energy efficiency and wear resistance for electrowinning processes of metals such as copper and zinc.  Inventors: Carolina Parra, Sheila Lazano, Juliet Aristizabal.  Inventor declaration DI202_USM (2020). 
  • DI191_USM (2020)
    Nanostructured coating to control fouling in salmon farming meshes.  Inventors: Carolina Parra, Juliet Aristizabal, Barbara Arce, Rodolfo San Martin.  Inventor declaration DI191_USM (2020). 
  • PCT/CL2020/050087(2020)
    Biomass-based nanostructured membranes for heavy metal chelation in aqueous environments. Inventors: Carolina Parra, Elias Reinoso and Geraldine Dennett.  PCT/CL2020/050087(2020)